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The Saladmaster Food Processor is our signature kitchen product that quickly and beautifully cuts, grates, juliennes, shreds and slices fruits and vegetables. It's great for preparing ingredients for a salad and so much more.

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It’s also one of several incredible Saladmaster products that could be yours as a thank you gift for hosting a Cooking Show. Hosting requires very little on your part, but the rewards make you glad you did. And besides, every food connoisseur's kitchen needs a Saladmaster Food Processor.


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A company sincerely committed to improving the quality of health of Nigerian families, and still offering the opportunity to create wealth on an epic scale. Whatever your dream is, good quality health or financial freedom or both, with our concept, we can create it to life.

A Saladmaster career allows you to forge your own road at your own pace. And there’s no limit to what you can do! Unlike traditional nine-to-five jobs, we’re all about flexibility. You determine a schedule and an income that fits your personal and professional goals. And we’ll provide the opportunities that will change your life. As part of the Saladmaster team, you can inspire the kind of cooking that makes life better. Customers are introduced to premium kitchen products that ignite their passion for cooking. And you discover a career that opens doors to earning extra income, independence and opportunities for growth.>

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Delicious food cooked without oil

Local Brown Rice with Sauce

Exclusively prepared without a single drop of oil.

Seafood Okro

Exclusively prepared without a single drop of oil

Healthy Cake

Exclusively prepared without a single drop of oil

Rainbow Dinner Salad

Exclusively prepared without a single drop of oil

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Saladmaster’s mission is to utilize cooking to inspire the world to eat better, live better and achieve the life they desire. And they are dedicated to doing just that. For example, Saladmaster is a proud sponsor of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a nonprofit organization that promotes preventive medicine, conducts clinical research and encourages high research standards. In addition, in early 2015,

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Let thy food be thy medicine

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Tony Palmer

I, Tony Palmer would like to share the wonderful and life changing experience of firstly being an owner of the Saladmaster Health System and how that has lead to major positive changes in my life.

Tony Palmer

I'm off my insulin due to the Vegan reversing Diabetes Program, I have improved my diet and eating habits and this did NOT STOP HERE, because in less than a month I lost ONE STONE


I bought my Saladmaster cookware in 1969 from a door to door salesman. It came with three sauce pans, a Dutch oven, a large skillet, all with the patented lids, and two bonus cake pans. I had my first job and bought it on a payment plan. It came with a payment book to make monthly payments. When I married in 1970, my husband teased that the only thing I came with was Saladmaster cookware and the payment book! We celebrated our 50th wedding Anniversary in November 2020, and I still use my Saladmaster every single day! It still looks just like it did in 1970. I have to say it cooks a LOT better than it did in 1970! 😂. My husband said both of us are the best investment he ever made!

Rhonda Tate Childress
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