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Enjoy an easy in-person demonstration in your home or virtually from home via Zoom.

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Invite a Saladmaster Cooking Coach into your home in person or VIRTUALLY for a personal demonstration of a nutritious meal prepared in 316Ti stainless steel Saladmaster cookware.

What is on the menu? Choose our famous “unfried” chicken or five item veggie salad.

  • Delicious golden fried chicken prepared with no skin or added oil; colorful vegetable medley cooked without any added water; yam cooked without water; freshly chopped healthy salad; and our world-famous veggie cake
  • If you prefer a vegetarian meal, we offer a freshly chopped healthy salad, and our world-famous veggie cake
  • If you or a family member have dietary restrictions, we can modify the menu you choose to be gluten free, low sugar, or vegan. Make sure you discuss your needs with your cooking coach prior to the cooking show date.

We take your health and safety seriously.

  1. No Cooking Coach will come to you that has traveled to any COVID-19 infected country in the last 30 days. No one will come to you who has flu, colds or respiratory illnesses.
  2. The kitchen surfaces that will be used for the show will be cleaned and disinfected before and after use. The same will be done with all utensils that will be used.
  3. Our Cooking Coaches will maintain a respectable social distance from you during the show and will avoid handshakes and other physical contact.
  4. Handwashing will be done as frequently as needed throughout the presentation.

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